With more businesses consolidating their IT infrastructure and pushing more data through the network, the need for WAN optimization is increasing. According to a recent CRN report, the rapid rise of web-based application systems and service-based IT models is also fueling WAN optimization growth.

The news source explained that the growing market for cloud computing and similar technologies has created an environment where more data is going through the network. At the same time, that information needs to get through the network without experiencing any form of latency. Because of this, WAN optimization is emerging as a critical solution for many organizations.

Citing a recent Nemertes Research report, CRN explained that there is also a growing trend toward branch office use in the enterprise, forcing businesses to depend more heavily on WAN systems. The study by Nemertes found that approximately 90 percent of all employees around the world do not work in company headquarters, but instead operate out of branch facilities.

The trends that are contributing to WAN optimization’s rise are playing a growing role in the enterprise video market. Video delivery is a popular solution for employee engagement because the immersive media format can connect workers in a meaningful way, encouraging internal communications in organizations with geographically diverse footprints.

However, web-based services and cloud applications are already overwhelming the WAN, making optimization necessary, but WAN optimization is often not able to keep up with the demands of video content. Therefore, organizations have to accompany their WAN optimization efforts with video-specific delivery tools to ensure content can be transmitted through the WAN without disrupting performance. On its own, WAN optimization is not enough because it only manages bandwidth use, and video often requires too much data throughput to be resolved so simply.