Sure, you watch video all the time at home. Whether it’s on Netflix or YouTube. But have you ever stopped to think how it could impact your office? You’re happy when you use it at home – in fact you may be drawn to it. Chances are that you aren’t the only one.

How do you bring video to the office, though? It’s far different from watching at home, where you’re one of three or four people viewing simultaneously. An enterprise content delivery network can keep your company’s infrastructure intact while video takes over internal communications. The result? A happier, more productive workforce.

How video can help in more ways than one

When the word video comes to mind, your train of thought most likely flashes back to sitting in front of the computer, mindlessly watching YouTube videos. Speed up to present time and it’s become so easy for people to make video that everyone with a smartphone can do it. This has led to an explosion in usage rate across corporate America – to the point where it’s becoming necessary to include video in internal communications, among other areas, according to Wideo:

  • Company-wide announcements
  • Executive decisions
  • Job opportunities
  • (New) employee education and training

Break these down into sub-categories and you’ll most likely be producing a video every single day for office consumption. But what does that do to the WAN? If you have a legacy network, it will slow it down considerably. Companies without useful technology like an ECDN will experience consistent downtimes across the network as they try to keep up with this trend in industry.

As you become more accustomed to having onboarding and company announcements being accessed through video on the intranet, you’ll come to a crossroad. Do you want to continue the proliferation of video in the office by paying for an entire network upgrade – something you probably did less than 5 years ago – to keep up with the demand, or explore another piece of technology?

ECDNs reroute video bandwidth usage and cache the videos so when they’re watched once, they become available for the rest of the company without the usual resource cost of bandwidth.

Implement an ECDN today

Moving forward, companies will be faced with the ultimate dilemma – how do they interact with new technology without sacrificing large sums of money to make it work across the board for their employees?

Simple. Find technology that mitigates the risk. Video isn’t exactly that new, but transmitting it in mass quantities across a network already strained with email, Internet and proprietary application use without a hit in uptime is a contemporary challenge.

ECDNs are affordable and reliable solutions to the problem that many companies may not see coming yet. Ultimately video will take over, as its capabilities are limitless:

  • Onboarding will become seamless and every employee will receive the same amount of knowledge on a given subject. Employers that used to spend time training get that time back.
  • Company announcements will be pushed out quickly, rather than getting everyone in a large room and spending the money to rent it out.
  • Job opportunities can quickly be posted by HR on the company intranet.

This is just what will be the standard industry practice in the next five years. Analysts can’t correctly predict what will happen in the next 10 until the Internet of Things becomes a major player, but given humans’ natural propensity for visual appealing content, it’s a safe bet that video forms a considerable amount of companies’ to-do-list’s.

Being able to give video to your employees without shutting them out from the Internet will make your employees happy, which in turn will drive productivity through the roof. At the basic level, they will have more time to do their job because they won’t have any issues accessing the Internet with the surge in video popularity.

Search deeper and you’ll come to the conclusion that their happiness impacts your ROI. According to a Harvard Business Review study, happy employees yield an average of 31 percent more productivity and 37 percent increased revenue. Money talks, and its screaming at companies to keep their employees happy.

Trying to keep up with the video trend without an ECDN will be extremely challenging moving forward and companies that can’t will miss out on a large number of benefits.