From September 29th

It’s the medium and the measurement!

The most respected communicators in our industry realize you can’t prove successful engagement without video and data. This session will help you become a strategic leader and trusted advisor rather than a tactics-driven communicator.

Todd Johnson, Chairman and President of Kollective, and Cindy Crescenzo, President of Crescenzo Communications will show you how to build dynamic employee engagement backed up by measurement that proves big gains in video viewership and message retention—the exact data your executives look for!

Todd will show you ways to use video to project the right messages and build rapport with employees. He’ll give you a pragmatic guide to make video REALLY work for your company. Cindy will share quick, easy ways to collect data to confirm your new video-inspired communication plan is RIGHT.

In this information packed session, you’ll learn:

  • Simple steps to build a great internal video communications plan
  • How to promote openness and transparency throughout your organization
  • How research and measurement helps you to understand your internal audiences
  • Why using data will give you the power to create more strategic communication plans
  • Ways to measure your progress. . . and much more!

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