7 Benefits of the Kollective SD ECDN

Kollective plays a major role in Kollective’s enterprise video platform through the Software-Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN). This type of network makes live video and file delivery possible on a world-wide scale.

Here are some of the benefits that Kollective’s SD ECDN can provide:


  1. Minimal Deployment

The Kollective system can be deployed in as little as one week. Only the small client agent needs to be deployed within the enterprise, usually through a desktop-management system.

  1. Cost-Effective

No need to install additional hardware. This means that the deployment process is quick, practical and profitable.
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  1. Adaptive Network

The Kollective system has an adaptive response. It knows if there are alterations in patterns and it adjusts automatically and dynamically to physical changes in the underlying network. Kollective confidently offers the most effective, suitable and complete delivery by reordering and reorganising load based network changes.

  1. Self-Healing

Besides adapting quickly to the network and traffic changes, Kollective’s SD ECDN has self-healing features as well! For example, if a node stops serving, the other nodes will automatically take over as required.
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  1. Self-Scaling

The Kollective SD ECDN is built entirely for huge corporate networks.  It concentrates on the scalability of the network.  The more users who want to access the content, the more resources are needed for delivering it. The more desktops are added, the more Kollective’s distributed delivery technology increases.

  1. Smart Agent

The Kollective Software Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network controls millions of enterprise desktops and edge-related tools, which is why it enables the following capabilities:

  • Network readiness testing
  • Software delivery
  • Network analytics
  • Background push delivery
  • Future network edge monitoring
  • Control applications

You will be provided with the throughput capabilities of your network, helping you to understand whether you have any network blockages and infrastructure errors that are triggering bad performance. The Kollective readiness test helps to prevent these types of problems.

  1. Centrally Controlled

Kollective has a central software controller that manages all the operational aspects. The central servers and agents form an adaptive, distributed content delivery and caching system. These software components work together to deliver content, protect it through a multi-layered crypto framework and form an optimal delivery overlay mesh that dynamically adapts to network changes.
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With Kollective Software Defined ECDN, your network challenges will be solved. You will be able to stream high quality live video to all employees without impacting the network. Kollective provides cloud-based solutions that use the power of software-defined networking, giving immediate value to enterprise IT without the need for new hardware.

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