Kontiki EVP Product Plans: Upcoming Functionality Translates to Greater Flexibility and Scalability

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

Kontiki 7.5 was released yesterday, and I’m proud of how our team seamlessly executed getting this release out the door. From Engineering to QA and then hand-off to Operations, it’s never easy, but our team somehow makes it look that way, time and again. This release builds upon some core capabilities within our platform, and we now enable enhanced subscription and password management capabilities, as well as several other key features that our customers have been asking for.

Rather than talking about what we have done in the past, I’d like to focus on where we go from here. At the core of our Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform is our Enterprise Content Delivery Network, which enables enterprises to distribute high quality video content to every employee everywhere without impacting the network. Our focus from the beginning has been on providing a cloud-based end-to-end solution that enables consumer-grade video engagement with enterprise-grade control over video delivery. Kontiki plans to expand the flexibility of the platform by offering our customers and partners additional integration and customization opportunities. In addition, we’re making conscious product choices to further underscore our platform scalability. We understand that enterprises want flexibility and scalability in order to enable better engagement opportunities for employees through video. Here are some features we’re committed to rolling out in upcoming releases that will help achieve these goals.


We’re opening up the platform even more by offering additional APIs that will make integration with Dedicated Video Portals, SharePoint, other CMSs (Content Management Systems), LMSs (Learning Management Systems) and Webcasting systems that much easier. RESTful APIs are implemented using HTTP and the principles of REST. In a Web.2.0 world, RESTful APIs are viewed as an improvement over SOAP-based APIs because they are simpler to use and ultimately more flexible. RESTful APIs permit many different data formats (not just XML) and have better performance and scalability.

H.264 Live w/ABR

We’re making sure all your employees are able to view the highest quality live video, wherever they happen to be and on whatever device they are using by implementing H.264 for Live with ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate). H.264 is a video codec standard which enables high quality video in relatively low bitrates or file sizes. ABR works by detecting bandwidth availability in real time and adjusting the quality of a video stream to match what’s available. The result is very little buffering, quick load times and an optimal experience for any type of connection. This is especially helpful for companies with a distributed workforce and dynamic network conditions. We expect to support both H.264 over HTTP and RTMP, which will give our customers and partners greater flexibility in supporting their existing platforms.

SAML 2.0 Support

We’re developing support for SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) 2.0 to help solve challenges with SSO (Single Sign On). SAML 2.0 is an XML-based, open standard for authentication and authorization between security domains. We are currently in the middle of our Alpha program with several customers to test the implementation and get feedback that will help inform our Beta and eventual GA release. The Kontiki SAML project will be supporting the SAML V2.0 “Web Browser SSO Profile”. For more information on the Web Browser SSO Profile, refer to page 14 of the Oasis documentation – Profiles for the OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0.

That’s all the beans I’m going to spill for now. There are a few other things that we’re working on and I hope to be able to share those sooner rather than later. We are excited about the direction of Kontiki and how we are the delivery platform of choice for so many customers and partners. I expect that our new capabilities will enable us to expand our relationships on both fronts, and I look forward to giving an update as we get closer to our next release. In the interim, check out our new Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform Product Brief for additional details on the platform’s capabilities.
– Kevin

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