Preparation for Enterprise Network Testing

Have a strategy

Preparation For Enterprise Network Testing information spreadsheet

First of all you should search for the various pieces of network documentation, including:

  • Diagrams
  • Spreadsheets
  • Device configurations

Capture essential information

Equipped with the relevant documents, you will be guided through the process swiftly and proficiently. The following information should be noted:

  • Device names and locations
  • Active routing protocols
  • Passwords
  • Code versions
  • Serial numbers
  • Uplink ports

Recognise the physical and logical topology of a network

Familiarise yourself with the network functions on a daily basis so that you can troubleshoot them well. Creating diagrams and providing valuable analytics can help you to recognise the topology of the network. Assess your enterprise network testing for numerous failure situations, including:

  • New inventory spreadsheet
  • Precise network diagrams showing topology and traffic flow
  • Firm understanding of network traffic baselines

Knowledge is power in almost every situation!

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