Video and the cloud, a match made in heaven

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Technology trends come and go in the business world, but some never leave. Social media, BYOD and analytics all have their places in the enterprise “hall of fame.” Yet none have had as large an impact on businesses as the cloud. Cloud computing and all of its components, from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to desktop replacement, provide a robust environment for businesses to collaborate and coordinate workflow and other trends like remote working. In the past few years cloud computing has really taken off as solution for a variety of enterprise needs, including video content delivery.

A cloud video platform provides numerous benefits, from reduced server traffic to remote access to content. The combination of the advantages the cloud has to offer with the versatility of video as a business tool allows companies to enhance mobility, productivity, budgeting and other aspects of operations. Ultimately, it provides a perfect solution for enterprise content delivery needs, and eliminates issues with travel, scheduling conflicts and more. A business investment into cloud-based video webcasting is an investment in the future.

How does the cloud improve video delivery?

The main advantages of the cloud are found in ease of access, flexibility and constant up-time, making it the perfect companion for video. As a delivery platform, a business can use the cloud to ensure that employees always have unmitigated access to the content they need, when they need it. Using a dedicated enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) in conjunction with the cloud allows a business to avoid other issues as well, such as network bottlenecking or accessibility issues. The cloud also integrates high-quality storage solutions with delivery, replacing server costs and some stages of network infrastructure. Ultimately, this can improve the speed at which employees can access video, and improves playback.

Where is the ROI?

In the business world, most investments are about the return. Luckily, the ROI on a cloud-based enterprise video platform is easily quantified – it reduces costs in the long term while increasing productivity and profits immediately. No major gain in the business world is without risks, and the initial investment into a dedicated ECDN and cloud support may initially seem unnecessary, but for any company looking to implement a video solution or that is considering one down the line, it is essential. Technology is always evolving, and the businesses that have their finger on the latest trends early are able to come out on top. The long-term costs of cloud solutions fall off as companies see reduced maintenance, repair and replacements for hardware within the office, and the immediate profits that video offers quickly make up for the initial investment.

Video is becoming an essential part of business operations, and by investing now and taking the time to learn how to optimize video solutions for its unique needs, a company will be ready to stay one step ahead of the competition and embrace the next generation of enterprise technology.

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