MAKE Configuration manager fast & efficient

Kollective for ConfigMgr is a Cloud-Based, Peer-to-Peer Software Delivery Platform that ensures effective delivery of content across your network.

Benefits for Every Team

“Enabling our organization to utilize the latest communication and collaboration tools is critical to improving productivity.”

- CIO, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Managing digital transformation and staying “current” has never been harder. The modern workplace is exploding with new software applications that enable greater communication and collaboration across the enterprise.

With Kollective you can embrace the latest software tools without putting your existing network at risk. It is faster and easier to manage software across the entire enterprise. All while achieving higher security, reducing costs and increasing returns on your past investment in your network.

“IT plays a critical role in taking our organization to the next level of digital transformation, but we must invest wisely and get as much as we can from our existing infrastructure.”

- Network Architect, Global Pharmaceutical company

Managing a global network has never been more challenging. The bandwidth and connectivity required to support modern workplace applications continues to grow. Buying more bandwidth or hardware is not the answer.

With Kollective you can manage and distribute software application across the entire enterprise, regardless user location, without increased bandwidth or buying hardware. You’ll utilize your existing network more efficiently, providing greater freedom and functionality to your users without putting core business applications at risk.

“Between SCCM and Windows updates, we struggled with not having enough resources to successfully complete updates in a timely manner.”

- SCCM Mgr, Consumer Goods Brand

It’s becoming more and more challenging to keep your network and desktops up to date as software applications migrate to a cloud-based architecture. Office 365 now requires monthly updates and files often exceed 1GB in size. Buying more bandwidth or hardware is not the answer.

Kollective for Config Manager allows you to deploy and update software more efficiently and effectively. Your staging processes will be more streamlined, freeing up valuable time and resources. Updates will occur with greater speed and success. You’ll no longer fall behind deploying updates across your enterprise. Your bandwidth bottlenecks will be eliminated and you’ll reach every area of your network efficiently.

“Successful updates means fewer IT tickets and more time to work on high value projects.”

- Desktop Manager, Global Chemical Company

The increasing frequency and size of software updates makes it extremely challenging for Desktop Managers to keep up with demand. This leads to a constant backlog of updates, challenges with reaching offices with bandwidth constraints and ultimately far too many user support IT tickets.

Kollective of Config Manager addresses these issues and many more. You’ll now be able to reach any user on the network effectively, achieve all your software delivery milestones and better manage the version control across your enterprise. Managing software will be more efficient, taking less time and ultimately reducing the user support IT tickets, allowing you to spend more time on proactive initiatives.

What our Customers are saying


“With Kollective for ConfigMgr, we’ve been able to focus more on other projects instead of having to constantly stop and investigate if there’s an issue why someone can’t get an update. It’s easily freed up an extra half a day a week per person during patch week.”

– Lanny Underhill, Lead Desktop Services Management

Enterprise Software delivery Solutions

Software solutions to keep your global enterprise network up-to-date, and you home on the weekends.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Kollective for ConfigMgr is a cloud based, network aware, peer to peer content delivery platform.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Analytics

Our in depth analytics provide a high level delivery summary as well as an indepth report.

Infrastructure reduction

Infrastructure reduction

Reduce the dependancy on hardware and distribution points while delivering content to your global workforce.

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management

Keep your business critical opperations running and avoid network congestion with our network aware technology.

Software Compliance

Software Compliance

Keep your enterprise up to date with the latest version of Windows 10 or other critical software updates.


Why invest in two different products when you can do both with one? Our smart peering distribution platform leverages your existing network infrastructure to deliver content faster, more reliably while using less bandwidth. 

We often get asked

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that we get a lot with Software Delivery. If you have more questions and would like to talk to an expert, click below.


Yes. Kollective can deliver all SCCM content types, including during operating system deployment (OSD) using our WinPE agent.
No. Kollective for ConfigMgr is a software-defined solution and does not require additional hardware.
Yes, Kollective for ConfigMgr supports peer based deployment of all Configuration Manager content types including Applications, Software Updates, and OSD related content using our WinPE Agent.