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High-Quality Video, Enterprise-Wide Reach

Video has become the go-to communications tool in the enterprise today. It’s the most versatile, authentic form of communication there is, when meeting in person isn’t possible.

Live and on-demand video allows company leaders to connect with employees directly. It promotes the transfer of skills and knowledge between employees. It reminds us that people andrelationships form the basis of all we do.

Kollective’s software-based delivery infrastructure, the SD ECDN, lets you expand live webcasting or video on demand to all your employees no matter where they are in the world, with no impact to your network. The result? A more engaged, informed and unified workforce.

Expansive Live and On-Demand Video Uses

All-hands meetings – No matter how large or how spread out your employee base may be, Kollective SD ECDN technology lets you create shared experiences through simultaneous, real-time broadcasts. Produce one-to-many video all-hands meetings that bring senior managementand employees together.

Division broadcasts – Live video broadcasting can also be used on a division-wide basis as an effective means of communicating departmental goals to far-flung teams.

Enterprise video portals – Create a hub of employee-generated videos that relay important internal business and technical information. Video portals provide a launch point for worldwide video campaigns that highlight your company’s culture, values and key projects.

Online training and education – Use both live and on-demand videos to communicate company policies and benefits. Build a video knowledge base that helps attract and retain top talent.

Advantages of Peer-Assisted Video Distribution

Software-based, peer-assisted video distribution has clear advantages over traditional hardware-based methods. Not only does it streamline the flow of content through your network by providing massive bandwidth savings, but it ensures that the video experience all end-users receive is of the highest quality possible.

Peer-assisted distribution utilizes your existing network infrastructure—no caching appliances to deploy and manage, and no streaming servers to distribute geographically. Simply deploy a small client application on each end user’s PC and you’re ready to go. Often only one copy of a content or stream is delivered into each office location regardless of the number of users requesting it.

Thanks to advancements in consumer video technology, our quality standards are high. We have zero tolerance for buffering and other issues. For leaders to align their teams effectively, their messages must be seen clearly. It comes down to this: be able to distribute to everyone in your internal audience with quality, or don’t distribute at all.

Kollective For Video Distribution

Kollective SD ECDN integrates and partners with all leading webcasting, media portal, learning management system and digital signage solutions to provide the essential distribution backbone for your front-end applications of choice.

Here are some of the integrations we have. [Link to Integrations]

[Link to Partners]

Learn why our customers have chosen Kollective SD ECDN peer-assisted software delivery infrastructure to stream video efficiently and securely throughout their enterprises.

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