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Host: Garrett Gladden \;(Kollective)


Microsoft will&n bsp\;do a high-level overview of \;the \;Stream/Teams \;roadma p based on what they learn \;from listening \;to the Kollective panel discussion. They will \;tailor \;coverage of \;their  \;roadmaps \;to \;address \;the key q uestions our customers have \;about \;impending \;updates to help them overcome use case challenges. \;We’ll also hear about \;managing growth/adoptio n of the platform and content \;and \;do some \;benchmarking&n bsp\;around \;the pandemic response. Example: \;Has the content be en effective. Is there screen fatigue? Any \;internal satisfaction&nbs p\;survey responses to share? \;Customers will be able to ask question s \;about survey items \;and contribute. \;

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