Whoa! That was a long and wonderful week. It was fantastic to be with my colleagues, our customers, partners, hopefully some new customers and all the other Humans of IT (#HumansofIT) last week in Orlando. Right before the show, Kollective announced our new browser-based peering solution.

The world’s biggest brands have trusted Kollective to deliver their live and on-demand videos to all their employees no matter where they are located for many years now. They have done this by installing the Kollective Agent. Today, no agent or download is required to instantly broadcast your Live Events in Microsoft Teams and Stream.

In case you weren’t at Ignite and missed our demos of our new peering solution, don’t worry, we filmed them on the show floor last week. These demos star our amazing Director of Product Management, Garrett Gladden (rocking his MS Ignite 2019 Tee).

In the first video, watch a demo of our new Browser-Based Peering Solution at work:

In the second video, Garrett demonstrates how Kollective IQ, our analytics product can instantly serve up the insights you need to ensure your videos are delivered and the content is being well-received:

See for yourself how our peering works by taking our self-service demo. 

Want to take Kollective’s peering solutions for a spin?

Deploy live video events in Microsoft Teams and Stream instantly. Live Video Streaming has never been so Simple, Fast, and Easy.