Crisis And Incident Management

Prevent interruptions within collaboration infrastructure and develop immediate response frameworks

Minimize Impacts and maximize resources

Effective video collaboration fuels digital transformation, but downtime and weak network links escalate into lost opportunities and revenue.

  • Prevent unexpected delivery issues
  • Receive live alerts and performance recommendations
  • Diagnose underlying network causes

Protecting collaboration infrastructure means spotting potential issues before they snowball and developing prioritized response plans with the right resources .

  • Equip teams with rapid-response diagnostics
  • Fine-tune response frameworks and preventative measures
  • Dial in performance with AI-powered Suggestive Analytics

Uncovering network limitations provides opportunities for organizations to learn from the past and avoid future incidents, sunk costs, loss of trust and scheduling complexities .

  • Improve enterprise-wide communication
  • Implement agile learning
  • Accelerate digital transformation

Steer clear of costly downtime

Independent research firms indicate historical downtime cost across all industries has averaged $5,600 per minute but is climbing to $9,000 per minute in newer trends. The expense of infrastructure incidents and outages skyrockets for organizations relying heavily on video collaboration.

Beyond bottom lines

While revenue effects grab attention the loudest, additional impacts quickly add up and include:

  • Missed business opportunities
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Brand and organization reputation

Video collaboration disruptions and live event failures additionally lead to:

  • IT war rooms
  • Sunk production costs
  • Rescheduling complexities
  • Loss of trust

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