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ECDN Solutions for THE Financial Service Industry

Deliver Live Video and VoD flawlessly while maintaining other critical applications on your network with Kollective's ECDN.


Due to security demands and strict regulations, the financial services industry has traditionally been an industry resistant to early adoption of disruptive technologies, but that has changed with Kollective’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN). The world’s largest Financial services organizations trust Kollective to provide a highly secure solution that eliminates bandwidth constraints across corporate networks when delivering live events and Video-on-Demand.

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Enterprise video experts offer live event coaching, training, and support that enables internal stakeholders to become power users, ensuring success in communication.

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Kollective's intelligent peering technology scales live events without the need to install software or invest in additional network infrastructure.

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Kollective IQ provides insights that demonstrate how peering optimizes user experience and live event reach while minimizing network impact.

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Signing up for a free ECDN trial is easy – just click here. Here’s what to expect when you click through:
  1. Create an account using your M365 login
  2. Select Teams and/or Stream for your integration
  3. Drop in your M365 token
  4. Configure your setup
  5. Start scaling live events
Kollective offers unlimited FREE analytics for Microsoft Teams. Similar to the ECDN trial, all you need to sign up is your M365 token. Visit this page to claim your free analytics.
Yes! Kollective supplies several options to test your network without impact to end users.
  1. Am I Ready to Peer?: Run several brief checks within your browser to validate potential for Browser-Based Peering
  2. Rapid Network Testing: Easily configure and quickly test peering in your network
  3. Network Readiness Test: Gather and report accurate network data that will provide compelling insights into pre-event testing
Yes. Kollective is the most configurable Microsoft-preferred ECDN. Not only can you black out peering for users connecting to a video via VPN, you can also group viewers by internal and external IP for even greater granularity into event and network performance.
Yes. Kollective is Secure by Design and does not collect any personally identifiable information. Customers with a strong presence in the region will appreciate our data center hosted in Western Europe. For more information, please see our full privacy policy.
Yes. Kollective offers two options for delivering Teams video in China:
  • Browser-Based: Bypass the Great Firewall by routing through wide area network (WAN)
  • Agented: Go through the Great Firewall
You can read more about delivering live video in challenging network environments in this blog post.
Kollective integrates with Microsoft Teams, Stream and Yammer to scale Live Events and Video on Demand (VoD).
Yes. Please visit our video integrations page to see all of the video collaboration tools we integrate with. Learn More
The Kollective ECDN free trial can deployed on your network in six clicks. All you need is your Microsoft token. Request 30-Day Free Trial