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Live Video Streaming AT SCALE

Reliably deploy high-quality video to tens of thousands of employees simultaneously.

GLOBAL Live Video Streaming


Reach your entire global workforce simultaneously

Kollective can help increase the visibility of your CEO to your entire global workforce. Our enterprise video platform ensures you easily and reliably reach tens of thousands of employees simultaneously, without crashing your network. 

indefinitely Scalable without additional hardware required

Depend on Kollective’s enterprise video distribution platform to keep your employees, teams, peers and colleagues updated and working together in real-time, regardless of where they’re located - without impacting network performance. 


Kollective uses a software only approach, leveraging existing hardware to deliver content across your global network so you are not required to deploy expensive hardware to multiple locations, while subsequently having to upgrade and maintain that hardware.

Kollective IQ

Powerful analytics with actionable insights


We often get asked

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Yes, we specialize in scaling live video communication across global enterprises.
With Kollective you can stream a live event and reach all of your global workforce without impacting business-critical applications or investing in additional hardware. We can also run a network readiness test to simulate the bandwidth intensive load your network would experience during a live event to ensure everything will run smoothly.
Kollective IQ analytics dashboard provides in depth insight into live and past events and gives you visibility into reach, engagement, and potential issues before they arise.