Security is at our core

The Kollective platform is designed to meet your security needs, allowing you to confidently scale video and content delivery.

Your Security is Our Priority

Scaling content delivery should not come at the expense of your security standards. From our development methodology to our security and privacy practices, Kollective is committed to protecting the integrity of your data.

  • Secure by Design – Security is built into every layer of our solutions using industry best practices to protect your data and your network.
  • Configurable Analytics – Kollective gives you the ability to anonymize sensitive data collected by our analytics platform Kollective IQ to meet your privacy requirements.
  • Peer-to-Peer Communication – Communication between peers is secured, preventing traffic interception, man in the middle attacks, and cache poisoning.
  • Complete Compliance – Kollective is GDPR compliant and offers advanced security controls to meet the requirements of high security or Zero Trust networks.

KBC Group

Tom De Lathouwers / Producer Audiovisual Studio

“Not only has Kollective provided us with the creative freedom needed to deliver genuinely engaging content, it has also kept our IT department happy in knowing that the content being developed and shared is 100% secure.” — Tom De Lathouwers, Producer Audiovisual Studio, KBC Group


Our commitment to protecting your data and content is driven through holistic security standards

Authentication and Access Control

Kollective’s online management portal is protected by SSO authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. End-user authorization and authentication is performed by the 3rd party integration partner.

End-to-end Encryption

Content is encrypted by the 3rd party integration partner, transported by Kollective between peers, and then decrypted and verified by the 3rd party on the end-user’s device.

Secure Transit

All data is encrypted while in transit to and from the Kollective ECDN using HTTPS or WSS with TLS encryption. Data is also encrypted at rest using AES 265-bit encryption, including backups.

Data Integrity

Kollective does not receive, store, or process customer content, nor are we able to decrypt the source content.

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