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Browser-Based Peering Content Delivery

Begin scaling live video today with an always on enterprise content delivery network (ECDN).

Scale live video delivery with just a browser, no software install required

Optimize your network for live video with Browser-Based Peering Content Delivery. Kollective’s innovative peering technology reduces the bandwidth needed to deliver high-quality live video allowing you to stream to tens of thousands without impacting your network. Utilizing WebRTC technology, Kollective scales live video distribution via a web browser or native Microsoft Teams connection. Browser-Based Peering covers a wide range of use cases for live events and video-on-demand (VOD) and can be combined with additional delivery methods to meet the unique needs of your network.

Browser Based Peering FEATURES

Cloud Based

Software only approach leverages existing hardware to deliver video across your network.


Scale video to the network edge with out-of-the-box configurations or advanced controls.


Integrates with industry leading front-end video collaboration platforms.


real-time event monitoring with Kollective IQ provides powerful performance analytics and actionable insights.

Browser-Based Peering Benefits

Start Scaling Live Video to Every Employee Today

  • Experience Immediate Results - Auto-provision your ECDN free trial in six clicks to begin scaling live video instantly.
  • Deliver Flawless Video - Smart peering algorithms reduce the bandwidth needed to deliver high-quality video to every employee.
  • Reach Your Workforce - Achieve 100% delivery regardless of location, bandwidth, or device.
  • Reduce Your Costs - Requires no additional investment in hardware, infrastructure, or software installation.

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