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Kollective Install Agent

Alternative content distribution controls and optimized VOD features to meet your unique security and network needs.

When access to secure content is the top priority, agent-based delivery is recommended

Securely and efficiently deliver video with Agent-Based Peering Content Delivery. Kollective’s Install Agent is deployed to customer endpoints, running in the background to peer previously accessed content across your network. The Kollective Agent provides a distributed content cache to accelerate and optimize video on-demand (VOD) and software delivery. Agent-Based Peering solves for more specific network needs not covered by Browser-Based Peering like highly secure networks or organizations primarily delivering VOD.

Agent-Based Peering FEATURES


Allows additional reporting capabilities for endpoint diagnostics


Runs on legacy browsers and enables peering for the life of the content.


Provides automated network discovery for advanced ECDN management and control.


Supports live video streaming, VOD streaming and VOD downloads

Agent-Based Peering Benefits

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  • Meets Security Needs - Offers additional security controls like single-port peering for high security or Zero Trust networks.
  • Optimize Performance - Persistent caching of VOD ensures efficient delivery and a quality viewing experience.
  • Make Smart Decisions Fast - Real-time network, user and event monitoring provides performance observability and actionable insights.

Enhanced Capabilities

Optimized VOD features to meet unique security and network needs

  • Reduces network load through advanced distributed caching
  • Enables long-tail VOD peering efficiency
  • Expands reporting insights with additional endpoint diagnostics
  • Allows continuous peered views for the life of the content

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