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Video Collaboration Optimization & Observability

Unify your network, scale collaboration and deliver a flawless user experience with Kollective's smartECDN

Regardless of your choice of leading video front-end, Kollective ensures secure and efficient video content delivery across your network.
No matter how complex your delivery needs or network topology, from remote users and hybrid environments, to zero trust requirements and low bandwidth offices, Kollective has you covered.
With real-time insights, Kollective empowers you to understand and enhance user experiences through predictive analytics and anomaly detection, ensuring swift responses to user needs.
Substitute manual monitoring and troubleshooting with AI-driven telemetry for ongoing network observation and enhancement.


Kollective's smartECDN is video collaboration infrastructure to serve the flexible work future.

  • Reduce video bandwidth by up to 99%
  • Securely distribute video behind the corporate firewall
  • Execute Live Events and VOD flawlessly
  • Boost employee engagement, team alignment, and user satisfaction
  • Empower networking teams for quick issue detection and resolution
  • Provide choice to enable multiple video collaboration apps

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Kollective & Cisco are changing the way your network delivers collaboration

The best user experience for live video delivered across Webex and other industry leading front end applications.

The World's Largest Brands Trust Kollective

We work with large global companies to help them stay connected to their people and collaborate worldwide.


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VoD Views Per Month
Monthly Bandwidth Savings

Benefits for Every Team

Great leaders find effective ways to inspire, engage, and enable their entire organization.

  • Reach all employees, regardless of their location
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Accelerate Microsoft Teams adoption
“Communicating through live video allows us to act like a small company. We’re more nimble, making faster decisions and getting the entire organization aligned at a moment’s notice.”
- Executive, Fortune 500 Global Bank

Optimize event performance to increase collaboration and improve the effectiveness of your communications strategy.

  • Enable messaging from leadership
  • Improve collaboration and engagement
  • Determine optimal times to run events
“Video is pivotal to our communications strategy because it allows our leadership to be authentic and transparent, connecting them with our entire global workforce.”
- VP of Corporate Communication, Global Consumer Brand

Support the modern workplace and securely scale video with the confidence that your network will always work.

  • Rapidly deploy an ECDN across your global network
  • Ensure the protection of your data
  • Securely scale video in complex network environments
“Historically running any type of video on our network was a major problem, but today we run live video events and they have virtually no impact on our network.”
- Chief Network Architect, Government Agency

Provide all employees with equal access to high-quality, seamless streams so they can easily achieve their goals and collaborate with coworkers from any location.

  • Eliminate technical barriers and poor user experiences
  • Enable and connect your global workforce
  • Keep distributed teams aligned and engaged
“The employee feedback from our last Town Hall was fantastic. Not only did people comment on the video quality, but on average they watched for 53 minutes of an hour long event.”
- Software Engineer, Global SaaS Company

Manage live events with the confidence that your stream will run smoothly and reach all attendees.

  • Identify potential network problems in advance of streaming events
  • Monitor events in real-time
  • Gain powerful insights into event performance and employee engagement
“Now, not only can we be sure videos have been delivered, we can see how many are viewed and also, crucially, when employees stop watching. It also gives us feedback on the videos we create by seeing what has really resonated."
- Head of Corporate Communications, Financial Institution


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, where hybrid and global workforces require always available collaboration tools, network infrastructure stands as the cornerstone of organizational success. Modern collaboration requires live video, but its bandwidth-intensive nature can exert a heavy toll on...
As pioneers of network and collaboration solutions, Kollective takes great pride in our role as a Cisco Select Developer Partner. This partnership enables Cisco enterprise customers to enhance their network performance for video usage by leveraging Kollective's smartECDN technology. By...