Enterprise Content Delivery MADE EASY

Securely scale video and software distribution across your network with confidence.

  • 100% content delivery at 1% the bandwidth
  • Leverages existing network infrastructure
  • Real-time insights into event and network performance


Deploy Microsoft Teams Live Events and Stream instantly. Delivering broadcast-quality video to the edge of your network has never been so simple, fast, and easy.


Kollective's enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) for video enables organizations to reach all employees, unlocking new levels of productivity and collaboration.

  • Alleviates network bottlenecks
  • Securely distributes video to all endpoints
  • Flawlessly executes Live Events and VoD
  • Powerful content performance insights
  • Event production and strategy coaching

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Eliminate the hidden costs of legacy software delivery solutions

Learn how a modern, automated software delivery solution can simplify operations and drastically reduce your total cost of ownership. With Kollective for Software Delivery, you can:

  • Immediately reduce your TCO - typically 50%-70%
  • Get up and running fast to simplify software delivery operations
  • Increase security compliance and improve end user productivity at scale

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Leverage live video to scale communication and collaboration between leadership and your global workforce.

The World's Largest Brands Trust Kollective

We work with large global companies to help them stay connected to their people and collaborate worldwide.


Live Events Per Month
VoD Views Per Month
Monthly Bandwidth Savings

Benefits for Every Team

“Communicating through live video allows us to act like a small company. We’re more nimble, making faster decision and getting the entire organization aligned at a moment’s notice.”

- Executive, Fortune 500 Global Bank

Great leaders find effective ways to communicate and enable their entire organization. They empower employees with the knowledge and tools to be effective at their jobs. Unfortunately, technical barriers with their enterprise networks make this a challenge.

Kollective eliminates the technical barriers, so the network doesn’t limit your organization. Whether you are broadcasting the next CEO town hall or distributing the latest communication and collaboration tools, Kollective help you be more successful. You will have the ability to reach your entire organization, becoming more efficient and effective, empowering everyone in your organization to achieve their goals.

“Video is pivotal to our communications strategy because it allows our leadership to be authentic and transparent, connecting them with our entire global workforce.”

- VP of Corporate Communication, Global Consumer Brand

The role of Corporate Communications is no longer focused on simply distributing a message, but rather helping executives navigate a digital transformation to be more effective across the global enterprise. To leverage new forms of communication and collaboration across the enterprise. Unfortunately, technical challenges within corporate networks can make this challenging.

Kollective helps organizations eliminate the technical barriers, allowing you to get the most out of your tools and communications. Whether it be broadcasting the next CEO town hall to the entire company or helping your organization adopt the leading communication and collaboration software, Kollective will ensure you’re successful. The results are employees feeling more connected and engaged.

“Historically running any type of video on our network was a major problem, but today we run live video events and they have virtually no impact on our network.”

- Chief Network Architect, Government Agency

Managing a global network has never been more challenging. The bandwidth and connectivity required to support the modern workplace often tests the limits of networks today.

With Kollective you can distribute any file, whether it be a live video broadcast, video on demand or a software package, across the entire enterprise without putting your core applications or user experience at risk. Your network will work smarter, not harder or require additional investment in bandwidth or hardware. You’ll distribute 100% of the content at 1% the bandwidth.

“The employee feedback from our last Town Hall was fantastic. Not only did people comment on the video quality, but on average they watched for 53 minutes of an hour long event.”

- Software Engineer, Global SaaS Company

The best technology solutions are those that go unnoticed. Technology runs in the background so users can focus on what the technology allows them to achieve vs the technology itself.

Kollective eliminates the technical barriers that create frustrating user experiences. Users will have a high quality, seamless experience, so they can achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.


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