Kollective’s SmartECDN, scales and secures content delivery to your network’s edge. No matter how complex your delivery needs or network topology, we have you covered.

Browser-Based Peering is the foundation of Kollective's SmartECDN Platform. It can been deployed instantly, scales effortlessly and solves many network distribution challenges right out of the box. However, the hybrid office has emerged, and with it comes needs to address other network complexities of all shapes and sizes. Start a free trial today to see the immediate benefits of Browser-Based Peering and rest assured that Kollective's additional delivery methods are available to layer in as your network requirements unfold.

Hybrid Work

With employees navigating office and at home work environments, modern networks are constantly changing.

  • Daily calls have replaced monthly town-halls
  • Collaboration is required anywhere and anytime
  • Network needs include VPNs, bring your own device, and physical offices
Edge Accelerator is designed with the ultimate configuration flexibility to handle the uniqueness of each network and delivery need.

China & Remote Locations

From branches in China with firewall concerns, to remote locations with low bandwidth, modern networks must deliver content effectively to all workers.

  • The Great Firewall of China poses unique regional network requirements
  • Aggregating content reduces internet gateway loads and maximizes delivery
  • Delivery must be inclusive to support all offices
Edge Accelerator establishes the most efficient content delivery pathway and provides flawless delivery to even hard to reach locations and low bandwidth networks.

Security Aware Networks

Security has always been paramount, but with the advancements in zero-trust network tools and increasing need for security-aware solutions, powering secure collaboration at the edge is where Kollective shines.

  • Zero-trust network setups are becoming more prevalent
  • Meticulous security requirements call for industry-specific solutions
  • Maintain precautions while delivering content flawlessly
Edge Accelerator sets the standard for secure delivery to users with built in data integrity, encryption and transit methods.

Experience Complete Coverage

Kollective’s Edge Accelerator flexes with demands of the hybrid workplace to securely deliver content to all users, regardless of their location. Edge Accelerator is the only ECDN Platform with multiple content delivery mechanisms connected under a single architecture. This approach allows our solutions to coordinate with one another to determine the most efficient content delivery pathway, addressing any use case your business encounters. From simple to complex networks, Edge Accelerator adjusts to the ever-changing needs of the modern office to provide complete coverage.