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Driving proven value and growth with our customers is simply how we do business
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Kollective is Part of Your Team

We realize customer success when our customers achieve their desired outcome through interactions with Kollective at every touchpoint. Our people are always available to help, listen, collaborate and solve problems. Customers consider us a part of their team instead of just a product or vendor. By working closely with our customers, our work becomes better.

From live webcasting the CEO’s big speech to deploying a critical software patch before hackers attack, there’s no room for mistakes. Without the right partner, moving this much content accurately, securely and at scale is almost impossible. When a million things can go wrong, we make sure everything goes right.

What our customers are saying

Driscoll’s Berries

“If you are not a Kollective customer and you are considering it, feel free first of all to reach out to me. Kollective has been amazing - their products, their reliability, their support and the relationships have been phenomenal.”

— Ivan Ortiz, Communications Program Manager


"We are able to reach every user in remote locations without investing in hardware… From a network point of view, I don’t hear about it, which means it’s the perfect solution. One of the best we have."

—Frederic Ballara, Sr. Network Architect


"We use built in polls, surveys and Q&A to hear from our audience. Our executives are very metric driven and ask for the results after every event."

— Jerry Bova, Manager of Multimedia Communications


“Before Kollective, the worry was, will the livestream even work? Kollective eliminated that concern and helped us expand what was possible with our live video programming.”

— Dan Swiney, Live Production & Streaming


"Suddenly the meeting went from a select group participating to the entire company participating.  It’s changed how I look at running the company."

— Marc Benioff, CEO

The World's Largest companies Trust Kollective

We work with global companies like PayPal, HSBC, BASF, LinkedIn, and others to help them stay connected to their people and collaborate worldwide.

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Linked In Case Study

LinkedIn Case Study

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 530 million users in more than 200 countries, expands its live video programming to connect leadership and employees.


NXP Semiconductors

From microcontrollers and processors to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity, our technologies are fueling innovation in automotive, consumer, industrial and networking.

Schneider Electric Case Study

Since 2015, Schneider Electric has produced an annual Leadership Forum event, a live video experience broadcast worldwide and designed to communicate company strategy directly to all employees.


Each year, we host our Customer Council in North America and in the UK. This is a forum where our executive team, customers, success managers, and product teams come together to learn, share, and align with use cases and opportunities.

The Kollective Platform

A new era of file delivery.

Our platform is easy to deploy, maintain and scale reducing the impact on your network and your budget. From smart peering, network intelligence, cloud delivery, and world class integrations we make sure your files land at the edge of your network faster.

Kollective Network Solutions

We make networks smarter

From live webcasting your CEOs big speech, to deploying critical software patches before the next attack, there's no room for error. Our Platform helps remote employees feel more connected and keeps your network secure without burdening your bandwidth.


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