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Kollective for ConfigMgr is a Cloud-Based, Network Aware, Peer-to-Peer Software Delivery Platform that ensures effective delivery of content across your network.
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Today’s operating systems and apps require monthly, weekly and even daily updates to fix bugs, patching security flaws and unlocking new functionality. But for many enterprises, all these updates consume significant bandwidth and monopolize IT resources. Our platform accelerates software distribution, while dramatically reducing network load so enterprises can easily deploy updates and patches across their networks at the pace and scale to meet today’s business demands.

Software distribution made simple


Deploying and maintaining Windows as a Service (WaaS) will severely impact any enterprise with a distribution point (DP) network infrastructure. Our platform simplifies the delivery of Windows’ major monthly and semi-annual updates and enables efficient delivery to your businesses most remote and challenging locations while reducing/eliminating dependence on complex distribution point infrastructure.

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Accelerate Patch Deployment

Patch deployment speed is critical to staying ahead of security threats. The Kollective Platform can deploy security updates and crucial zero-day patches across your global network in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

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Fast and Efficient Cloud-based Software Delivery via Integration with ConfigMgr.

Software Distribution Solution Features

Smart peering technology

Our intelligent platform automatically creates a self-optimizing peer-to-peer network architecture to deliver content to the very edge of your network using only a sliver of bandwidth required with traditional deployment solutions. The more content our solution delivers, the smarter, faster and more efficient it gets.

Integrated with Systems Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr)

Our platform is fully integrated with ConfigMgr (via supported Microsoft APIs), simplifying and accelerating the distribution of all ConfigMgr content types.

Automated and adaptive

Because Kollective for ConfigMgr effectively replaces Distribution Points, you can simplify administrative overhead such as managing your boundary and boundary group configuration(s). Our solution automatically creates a mesh peering grid, with no manual configuration needed. Over time, the grid gets smarter and more efficient on its own by adapting dynamically to your network and deployment requirement.

Powerful analytics

Our powerful Kollective IQ analytics platform provides dashboards and reporting on content deliveries. Administrators can track bandwidth usage and savings including drill down reporting based on location, individual systems, or specific content items, providing next level insights to suit your organizations need for greater compliance and controls.


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Microsoft will officially end support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, yet 43% of enterprises are still running the outdated platform. Learn how far enterprise businesses are in their migrations to Windows 10, the challenges they are facing and why IT leaders need a software distribution strategy to prepare for WaaS.

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