Patch Management Solutions

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A smarter way to stay secure

Hackers are using ransomware, business email compromise, denial of service attacks, Zero-day exploits and more to make their way into your system and steal your data. All it takes is one exposed device to put your entire company at risk. The longer you leave your endpoints unprotected, the more likely you’ll be exposed to cybersecurity threats big and small.

Security patches are often the only thing that stand between vulnerability and security. Our platform makes it easy to keep all your devices up to date without bogging down your network.

Decreased Vulnerability

With global data breaches costing companies trillions each year, you need to do everything you can to keep your business, employees and customers safe. Our platform helps you distribute patches in hours instead of the months it can sometimes take a large enterprise to cover its entire global network.

Increase Efficiency

Deploying frequent patches can significantly slow down your network, keeping your employees from getting work done. Our automated solution delivers patches to thousands of devices at once using minimal bandwidth, freeing your network up to get real work done.

Decrease Hardware Footprint

Because our peering technology turns each PC into a distribution point, you can eliminate or reallocate 90% of your existing distribution point infrastructure to save on both hardware costs and staff maintenance time.

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Kollective Patch Deployment Solution Features

Full integration with Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Our integration with SCCM lets you quickly distribute patches across your global network without impacting performance.

Automated and adaptive

Our smart software is always learning about your overall network topology, automatically adjusting to deliver patches using the fastest path possible.

Smart peering technology

Peer to peer networking delivers patches to the edge of your network without using up all your bandwidth.


Powerful Analytics

Be sure your network is secure with analytics reports outlining patch delivery metrics and network performance.

The Kollective Platform

A new era of file delivery.

Our ECDN platform is easy to deploy, maintain and scale reducing the impact on your network and your budget. From smart peering, network intelligence, cloud delivery, and world class integrations make sure your files land at the edges of your network faster.

Kollective Network Solutions

We make networks smarter

From live webcasting your CEOs big speech, to deploying critical software patches before the next attack, there’s no room for error. Our platform lets remote feel more connected and helps keeps your network secure without hogging up bandwidth.