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Discover a user-friendly, enterprise-grade solution for creating, sharing and managing your videos on demand.
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Enterprise Video On Demand (VOD)

VOD is an effective way to deliver important content to your employees, but creating and sharing those videos should be easy or it won’t happen. MediaCenter, Kollective’s video on demand portal, is customizable, interactive, mobile, and secure.The cloud-based video platform is highly configurable, fast to deploy, and an effective tool for professional development, and formal trainings.


Our simple user interface makes it easy for  viewers to create and access the content they need.


Create custom, nested channels, set up multiple home pages and adjust dozens of parameters to build a VOD experiences that’s as unique as your organization.


In this digital era if VOD isn’t mobile-friendly, it isn’t useful. Use MediaCenter to create and manages videos from any mobile device. Our user interface is optimized for mobile, and all video created is encoded to the latest mobile standards.


Your video content is about your company, your culture, your brand. MediaCenter allows you upload company branding, unique banners and custom CSS to consistently convey your brand identity.


With MediaCenter, users can share insightful video content, comment to start a conversation and rate the effectiveness of any video.


From corporate trainings to proprietary processes, your content may contain sensitive information. MediaCenter comes with enterprise-level, end-to-end security measures running on SOC 2 compliant infrastructure.

Create more, share more

Video on demand is one way to combat information silos across your organization. Learn how our video content management solution helps companies improve knowledge sharing across teams and geographies.

Drive employee development

Take advantage of our market leading video portal to elevate your workforce, deepen your employees’ skills, broaden their knowledge and grow their potential.

Formal Trainings

Use MediaCenter to create and deliver training that’s usually done in person. Your organization will save time and money because VOD ensures you can scale those trainings just as fast as you can hire.

Information sharing

VOD support your HR team’s  produce and share video content regarding company-wide policies, processes or general information. Interactive features allow you to ask questions and gain insights about the effectiveness of the message.

Professional development

Take advantage of VOD to help your organization fill in skills gaps. With MediaCenter you can deliver a wide range of professional development content that builds on your employees’ abilities and sets your company up for future growth.

Mediacenter at Work

Kollective customers depend on MediaCenter to deliver mission-critical content and build culture across continents.
Global engineering giant SNC-Lavalin used MediaCenter to create a company-wide Project Center of Excellence. The firm’s employees create and share videos to relay critical technical information from the field.

Find Out how SNC-Lavalin uses live video and VOD to its competitive advantage.

The Kollective Platform

A new era of file delivery.

Our platform is easy to deploy, maintain and scale reducing the impact on your network and your budget. From smart peering, network intelligence, cloud delivery, and world class integrations we make sure your files land at the edge of your network faster.

Kollective Network Solutions

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From live webcasting your CEOs big speech, to deploying critical software patches before the next attack, there's no room for error. Our Platform helps remote employees feel more connected and keeps your network secure without burdening your bandwidth.