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Edge IQ Analytics

Kollective Edge IQ Analytics – The most complete ECDN platform deserves the most complete analytics. Gain full observability of your Microsoft Teams event performance.

Kollective IQ’s intuitively designed dashboards make it easy to quickly find and consume the most relevant data. Whether you are an event producer, communications manager or network administrator, Kollective IQ’s workflow simplifies data exploration so you can make intelligent decisions, fast.


As hybrid work models become the new normal, keeping employees engaged is more important than ever.

  • Monitor employee engagement for live events and videos on-demand (VOD)
  • Track attendance flows over the entire duration of events
  • View quality of experience for event attendees

Identify Geographic Congestion

Ensuring that essential messaging is received by everyone across the organization is a primary concern for business leaders.

  • Filter by country, city, or office to determine where buffering problems occur
  • View the number of buffering events and total buffering duration by user
  • Quickly pinpoint buffering locations through an intuitive and interactive map

Real-Time Analytics

Faster decision-making capabilities are key to affording your business greater operational agility.

  • Monitor event performance live
  • Quickly detect and address issues as they arise
  • Reduce delays in essential messaging

Experience Complete Coverage

Kollective’s Edge Accelerator flexes with demands of the hybrid workplace to securely deliver content to all users, regardless of their location. Edge Accelerator is the only ECDN Platform with multiple content delivery mechanisms connected under a single architecture. This approach allows our solutions to coordinate with one another to determine the most efficient content delivery pathway, addressing any use case your business encounters. From simple to complex networks, Edge Accelerator adjusts to the ever-changing needs of the modern office to provide complete coverage.