BEND, OREGON: December 6, 2021 – Leading Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) provider, Kollective, announced the launch of EdgeCache, its new software-defined video caching solution. This technology enables the world’s largest brands to solve for a variety of live and on-demand video use cases to improve corporate communications and employee engagement.

Kollective EdgeCache is placed within an organization’s existing edge infrastructure to extend network efficiency and decrease bandwidth utilization. EdgeCache serves as a proxy, aggregating streaming traffic to a centralized point where content can be quickly accessed. By restricting the number of concurrent requests, EdgeCache reduces the strain on your internet gateway and alleviates network congestion.

EdgeCache is fully secure, highly scalable, and integrates with all major video platforms. Among its other benefits, EdgeCache excels at delivering content across complex networks. From remedying Great Firewall of China concerns, enabling backhauled networks and bringing content closer to remote locations and remote employees, Kollective EdgeCache overcomes these and other problems with ease.

“With the addition of EdgeCache, Kollective’s Platform is the only unified ECDN solution with coordinated delivery options to address any problems businesses experience with their network,” commented Eric Nguyen, Chief Product Officer, Kollective. “This further extends Kollective as the most comprehensive ECDN Platform on the market. Regardless of network complexity, Kollective accelerates content to the edge and empowers businesses with complete coverage.”

Kollective has built a reputation for providing the most complete ECDN Platform. The introduction of EdgeCache further expands Kollective’s already extensive list of capabilities and can be used in conjunction with Kollective’s peering solutions to supercharge your network’s coverage. Kollective is also the only ECDN Platform with delivery methods that coordinate with each other under a single architecture. Kollective’s software development kit (SDK) allows business to take advantage of these different content delivery mechanisms, calculating the most efficient solution each time a content request is submitted by the user. This combined with the wide range of capabilities each solution offers, provides networks with the coverage needed to be successful in any scenario they’re likely to encounter.

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