One Platform. Multiple Solutions.

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One Platform. Multiple Solutions.

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The Kollective Platform

 Yesterday’s networks weren’t built to scale along with enterprise digital transformations initiatives. Handling massive content delivery challenges such as broadcasting live video to global employees or deploying critical software updates to thousands of end points around the world interferes with business critical applications. Our cloud-based, smart peering distribution platform leverages your existing network infrastructure to deliver content faster, more reliably and with less bandwidth.

Easy to Deploy

Cloud based platform requires no hardware.


Self optimizing performance based on real-time usage.

Easy to SCALE

Adopt additional use cases as your organization evolves.

Can your network keep up with your content?

For most enterprises, network capacity is a scarce resource. As content takes up more and more bandwidth, it will severely disrupt your business. Our intelligent Platform helps maximizes your network’s performance so your content gets to the edge faster.

Learn More About Our Enterprise Video Solutions?

Learn more about our enterprise video solutions and how
Kollective seamlessly delivers your live streaming content to the edge of your network.

Between growth, acquisitions and hardware upgrades, enterprise networks are always evolving.  As a cloud based technology, we future proof your organization while you embark on digital transformation.  Our Platform is simple to install and configure, and our peer to peer network architecture intelligently maps your entire network. Layer in our ecosystem of integrations, and the Kollective Platform enables you to solve delivery challenges faster than any other solution on the market.

VIDEO Solutions

From live town hall meetings, global presentations, and on demand video training; Kollective’s platform enables you to tap the power of enterprise video from anywhere around the world.

Learn how our enterprise video solutions brings your company together.

SOFTWARE Solutions

Kollective’s Platform enables you to keep pace with major operating system updates and critical patches, keeping your network secure without impacting critical business applications.

Learn how our software distribution platform keeps your company working.

Smart peering technology

Our intelligent Platform automatically creates and self-optimizes a peer to peer network architecture to deliver content to the very edge of your network using only a sliver of your bandwidth. The more content it delivers, the smarter, faster and more efficient it gets.

Integration ecosystem

We’re integrated with a wide range of applications to ensure our Platform works with the tools you already use. From Microsoft Skype Meeting Broadcast, Stream, and SCCM along with other applications, our integration partners  support you in finding the best solution to meet your needs.

Powerful analytics

We collect network data to provide insights into your performance and potential bottlenecks. Our software distribution analytics can tell you if all your devices are current with their patches, while our video distribution analytics reveal how many people are watching the video. 

Generation NOW: The Future of Employee Engagement

As the rise of multinational corporations, work from home and flexible hours have dispersed employees into different locations and time zones with many organizations struggling to maintain the concept of a single, unified workforce.

Get actionable advice on how to engage with the “Generation Now”

Learn how Kollective helps connect your global workforce

Read Kollective's Case Studies

Linked In Case Study

LinkedIn Case Study

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 530 million users in more than 200 countries, expands its live video programming to connect leadership and employees.


NXP Semiconductors

From microcontrollers and processors to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity, our technologies are fueling innovation in automotive, consumer, industrial and networking.

Schneider Electric Case Study

Since 2015, Schneider Electric has produced an annual Leadership Forum event, a live video experience broadcast worldwide and designed to communicate company strategy directly to all employees.