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Enterprise Video Distribution

Kollective securely and efficiently delivers live video and VOD across your network without affecting bandwidth or requiring additional hardware. 

Benefits for Every Team

“Communicating through live video allows us to act like a small company. We’re more nimble, making faster decision and getting the entire organization aligned at a moment’s notice.”

- Executive, Fortune 500 Global Bank

Great leaders find effective ways to communicate and enable their entire organization. They empower employees with the knowledge and tools to be effective at their jobs. Unfortunately, technical barriers with their enterprise networks make this a challenge.

Kollective eliminates the technical barriers, so the network doesn’t limit your organization. Whether you are broadcasting the next CEO town hall or distributing the latest communication and collaboration tools, Kollective help you be more successful. You will have the ability to reach your entire organization, becoming more efficient and effective, empowering everyone in your organization to achieve their goals.

“Video is pivotal to our communications strategy because it allows our leadership to be authentic and transparent, connecting them with our entire global workforce.”

- VP of Corporate Communication, Global Consumer Brand

The role of Corporate Communications is no longer focused on simply distributing a message, but rather helping executives navigate a digital transformation to be more effective across the global enterprise. To leverage new forms of communication and collaboration across the enterprise. Unfortunately, technical challenges within corporate networks can make this challenging.

Kollective helps organizations eliminate the technical barriers, allowing you to get the most out of your tools and communications. Whether it be broadcasting the next CEO town hall to the entire company or helping your organization adopt the leading communication and collaboration software, Kollective will ensure you’re successful. The results are employees feeling more connected and engaged.

“Historically running any type of video on our network was a major problem, but today we run live video events and they have virtually no impact on our network.”

- Chief Network Architect, Government Agency

Managing a global network has never been more challenging. The bandwidth and connectivity required to support the modern workplace often tests the limits of networks today.

With Kollective you can distribute any file, whether it be a live video broadcast, video on demand or a software package, across the entire enterprise without putting your core applications or user experience at risk. Your network will work smarter, not harder or require additional investment in bandwidth or hardware. You’ll distribute 100% of the content at 1% the bandwidth.

“The employee feedback from our last Town Hall was fantastic. Not only did people comment on the video quality, but on average they watched for 53 minutes of an hour long event.”

- Software Engineer, Global SaaS Company

The best technology solutions are those that go unnoticed. Technology runs in the background so users can focus on what the technology allows them to achieve vs the technology itself.

Kollective eliminates the technical barriers that create frustrating user experiences. Users will have a high quality, seamless experience, so they can achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

AN ECDN That can DELIVER both video and software

Why invest in two different products when you can do both with one? Our smart peering distribution platform leverages your existing network infrastructure to deliver content faster, more reliably while using less bandwidth. 

Your Video ECDN Solution


Microsoft Live Events

Use Kollective ECDN to Stream live video via Teams to 10,000+ endpoints without overwhelming the network.

Live Streaming Events

Run Live Town Halls, All Hands, Earnings Calls and more without crashing your network.

Video On-Demand (VOD)

Leverage Video on Demand (VoD) to train your employees and share knowledge across your enterprise.

Event Production & Strategy

Our live video event services team can provide on-site support for your livestream event from start to finish.

Live Event Monitoring

Kollective IQ allows you to easily create and drill down into reports and dashboards that provide the metrics you need.

What our Customers are saying


Communications to the edge

“Efficient video delivery to staff located on the fringes of the network was key to the requirement of the solution. Kollective was able to meet this requirement bringing communications to areas where it had not been possible before.”

Steve Hunter
Manager Global Digital Media & AV, HSBC BANK

End user satisfaction

“Everything worked exactly as they said it would. Rarely have I had such a pleasant experience with a solution/vendor first time around. Our users were quite impressed, maybe even surprised by the degree of improvement.”

Morgan Waller
Director of Telemedicine Business & Operations, Children’s Mercy Hospital

Phenomenal Service

"If you are not a Kollective customer and you are considering it, feel free to reach out to me. Kollective has been amazing. Their product, their reliability, their support and the relationship have been phenomenal."

Ivan Ortiz
Communications Program Manager, Driscolls

Metrics that matter

“Now, not only can we be sure videos have been delivered, we can see how many are viewed and also, crucially, when employees stop watching. It also gives us feedback on the videos we create by seeing what has really resonated and which have been less than successful. All this without any additional strain on our network or bandwidth.”

Charlotte Kensett
Head of Corporate & Member Communication, Nationwide Building Society

Ease of Use

“Since deploying Kollective, I have touched the settings on the client once in four years. From a network point of view, I don’t hear about it, which means it’s the perfect solution. One of the best we have.”

Frederic Ballara
Sr. Network Architect, Nestle

Customer Stories


Children’s Mercy Hospital Uses Video to Improve Employee Engagement

The new CEO at Children’s Mercy Hospital knew the value of creating a culture based on open communication and transparency. Having grown to 26 locations, they needed a video solution that was both high quality and cost effective. Using the Kollective platform and Microsoft Stream, Children’s Mercy Hospital transformed the way they engage with their employees.


  • Hosted many successful Town Halls with the CEO, VP’s and Directors since deploying Kollective
  • Achieved more effective communication between different tiers of the organization, as well as across verticals - areas they were unable to reach in the past where huge barriers existed
  • Eliminated any strain on the network without costly increases in bandwidth or hardware
  • Provided access to real-time analytics and insights via Kollective IQ analytics, gaining visibility into network and delivery performance, and employee engagement.
  • Received positive feedback from IT/IS teams and users

Kollective Ignites a New Era of Employee Connection for SNC-Lavalin

Massive growth triggered SNC-Lavalin to seek a video delivery solution. As one of the world’s largest engineering firms, they now rely on video to communicate with its 35,000 employees around the world. The Canadian company provides executive updates and corporate communications across its hundreds of locations, and encourages employees to share technical and engineering knowledge which has exploded after implementing Kollective’s SD ECDN technology.


  • The Video On Demand viewership increased exponentially after implementation, and continues to grow by 20% annually
  • VOD content boasts a 95% peering rate
  • More than 95% of SNC-Lavalin employees who attend webcasts agree webcasts are an appropriate tool for communication, according to a recent survey
  • SNC-Lavalin recently began to offer in-house video production services to better meet the growing demand for video from leadership, and help employees who are interested in generating content.

Schneider Electric Transforms Company Culture Using Live Video

In past years, Schneider has flown around 1,000 of its leaders to Europe for a yearly corporate strategic planning event called the Leadership Forum. The event had become cost-prohibitive, and Schneider realized it was an increasingly inefficient way to communicate strategy. Schneider worked with Kollective to move their Leadership Forum to Video and subsequently save costs and reach over 75,000 employees around the world with a high-quality viewing experience without negatively impacting the network.


  • Expanded employee reach - by moving to a digital Leadership Forum, Schneider was able to directly reach many more employees than they otherwise would have without Kollective.
  • Cost Reduction - Because the company no longer needed to send over 1,000 executives to Paris every January, there was a 20x reduction in overall cost.
  • Engaged Employees - The new format created an environment where employees felt empowered and engaged.
  • Video-Prepared Executives - Live video is no longer an afterthought, but is an executive and employee expectation. Video (including on-demand content) is now an integral part of their corporate culture and overarching communications plan.
  • Network Issues Prevented - Working with Kollective, Schneider ran multiple tests leading up to these events and the Network Readiness Test identified a number of potential issues on the Schneider network, the Kollective team was able to make configuration changes to address these.
  • High Quality, Flexible Delivery - Schneider offered high-quality delivery to all employees without negatively impacting the corporate network.

We often get asked

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that we get a lot with Video Distribution. If you have more questions and would like to talk to an expert, click below.


A video CDN, or video content delivery network, is a network or platform that delivers live and on-demand, high-quality videos at scale while reducing the bandwidth required.
An ECDN is an Enterprise Content Delivery Network that allows businesses to deliver any content at scale without impacting business critical applications.
Yes. We provide customized engagement and content strategies, support before, during and after live events, analytics advice and more.