one ECDN, multiple content delivery solutions

Bundle the video and software delivery solutions to securely scale the delivery of all your content.

The Kollective Suite of ECDN Solutions

One platform, multiple content delivery solutions.


Easy to Deploy

Our cloud based platform requires no hardware. You can easily get a live event in Microsoft Stream or Teams running in minutes. Or quickly deploy a number of our front end video app integrations.

Easy to Maintain

Self-optimizing platform that learns your network topology, over time your network gets smarter and faster.

Easy to Scale

Offers greater flexibility for your network to adapt to the changing demands of the business, use Kollective IQ analytics to measure the impact of your investment in video or software content delivery.

Video Distribution


Use Cases

Live Video Streaming

The Kollective enterprise video platform allows you to easily and reliably reach tens of thousands of employees simultaneously, without impacting the business critical applications on your network.

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Event and Production Strategy

Whether this is your first live event or your tenth, running live events are hard and there are a lot of things to consider, including: production strategy, content generation, post event strategy and more. We are a team of event strategy experts to help you maximize your investment in live video.

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Video on Demand (VoD)

The Kollective platform delivers live or VOD streams efficiently, without modification from your network teams. No matter when a video is consumed or shared, bandwidth is automatically preserved. VoD is perfect for sharing training videos across various locations, or getting employees caught up on the live event they missed earlier that day.

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Software Distribution


Use Cases

OS Migration and WaaS Management

Support for Windows 7 will officially end on January 14, 2020 but don’t worry! With the Kollective SD ECDN, enterprises can speed-up the delivery of software, smoothly transition to Windows 10 and be future-proofed against other cloud-service updates — all using your existing infrastructure.

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Stay up to date with SLA's

Keep your enterprise secure and ensure you meet your service level agreements with vendors and your IT department. With Kollective for ConfigMgr you can save time and increase visibility into updating software across your enterprise.

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Integrated with Microsoft ConfigMgr (SCCM)

Our platform is fully integrated with ConfigMgr (via supported Microsoft APIs), simplifying and accelerating the distribution of all ConfigMgr content types.

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