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The internet has changed the way we interact and go about our business every day. Online meetings, file sharing, the proliferation of social media and mobile devices are pushing traditional networks to their limits.

Video delivery is still the single biggest enterprise challenge. Up till now, many have called it “the unsolvable problem”. But not anymore.

Kollective’s cloud-based software defined enterprise content delivery network (SD ECDN) solves video delivery on a global scale. Our solution is an intelligent software overlay on top of your existing network infrastructure.

We have successfully deployed to millions of users globally. It’s dependable, quick to deploy, incredibly cost-effective, secure and configurable.

How It Works

Kollective Software Defined ECDN solves the biggest enterprise network challenges by creating a software-defined overlay on top of your existing network, without the need for new hardware.

Endpoints become part of an intelligent grid that protects the network, together creating a distributed brain that orchestrates content distribution and traffic routing in real time. Each additional endpoint increases the overall “IQ” of the grid, making it even more adaptive and scalable.

A cloud-based control panel allows for changing parameters and optimizing performance.


  • Live video. Kollective SD ECDN excels in live video delivery over legacy enterprise networks by squeezing every ounce of efficiency out of the network while protecting it from being overloaded. This allows all employees to watch live event broadcasts regardless of where they are and what type of connection they use.
  • Cache anywhere. With Kollective SD ECDN, distributed agents on user desktops allow resources on those desktops to be used for content caching. So if 30 users in a remote office all request the same video, the SD ECDN intelligently shares a single stream across multiple locations within a LAN, instead of 30 individual streams.
  • Multilayer security. Kollective SD ECDN endpoints are protected against intrusion, DDoS, and other exploits through user authentication, time-limited session tokens, metadata encryption, hidden “content tickets,” and other sophisticated mechanisms.

  • Network performance protection. SD ECDN agents regulate how much content to send over each link so as not to interfere with other business applications. This rules-based regulation – combined with the fact that SD ECDN significantly reduces network load – safeguards business operations, even as video traffic continues to grow.
  • Highly efficient delivery. Kollective SD ECDN uses a highly efficient UDP-based protocol (TCP and OTT HTTP are also supported). Content requests are governed dynamically to minimize load on WAN links and “origin” servers. As more users request the same content, SD ECDN keeps optimizing itself, maximizing use of local links and minimizing WAN traffic.
  • Cloud-based network intelligence. Kollective SD ECDN cloud-based management enables users to easily publish content, manage policies (e.g., deferring to other applications vs. giving video higher priority for “all hands” webcasts), monitor utilization, and otherwise maintain appropriate governance over the enterprise environment.

Creating a Distributed Brain

Kollective Software Defined ECDN creates a software-based overlay that keeps your network protected. The overlay is deployed on your existing network as a software-only solution that eliminates the need for new hardware. Endpoints become part of an intelligent grid, together creating a distributed brain. This Kollective mind orchestrates content distribution throughout the network, automatically adapting to changing networking, computing, and storage needs and constraints. The overlay routes traffic around problem spots and protects your network by diffusing overloads and preventing bottlenecks from forming.

The network becomes smarter with every additional endpoint. Endpoints can serve as clients or servers depending on a variety of factors. As a result, each additional endpoint increases the overall “IQ” of the network and allows for smarter routing and more efficient content delivery. The system constantly learns, adapts, and optimizes itself. Initial settings and further tweaking can be achieved through a cloud-based panel controlling all operational aspects.

Kollective SD ECDN can effortlessly reach all endpoints in every location, enabling end-to-end delivery with no exceptions or exclusions. The system scales exponentially, becoming more cost-effective and better performing with every new endpoint. It can be deployed very rapidly, expanded with minimal effort, and upgraded automatically.

Kollective SD ECDN is a scalable, reliable, and dependable solution trusted by some of the world’s largest companies including financial service companies, insurance companies, manufacturers, and more.


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