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Kollective Konnector Improves Video Conferencing ROI By Adding Broadcasting Capabilities to Reach Thousands of Employees

Sunnyvale, Calif. October 27, 2016Kollective, a leading cloud-based software defined networking company, today announced a growing list of supported vendors for Kollective Konnector, a few-to-many broadcast solution that integrates the Kollective Software-Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN) and Unified Communications compliant video conferencing systems.

Enterprise IT teams worldwide have invested heavily to provide sophisticated, broadly deployed video conferencing facilities that reach a few hundred employees. For many, the question is how to leverage these facilities for other enterprise video events, including all employee events. By connecting the SD ECDN through Kontiki MediaCenter or other services like Microsoft SharePoint, IT teams can integrate video conferencing and large-scale webcasting, increasing the reach of video conferencing from hundreds to thousands of employees.

Kollective Konnector now integrates systems from the two largest video conferencing vendors: Cisco and Polycom. By integrating with Cisco and Polycom’s video conferencing systems, Kollective is significantly expanding the breadth and depth of the Kollective SD ECDN solutions to video conferencing facilities worldwide. Kollective Konnector also integrates with Vidyo, BlueJeans and video conferencing systems.

Kollective Konnector accepts SIP / H.264 compliant content sources from video conferencing systems.  Users can set up live events and connect them to video conferencing sources. A live encoding server pulls video and audio streams from the video conferencing server, which transcodes the streams in real time and feeds them into Kollective’s SD ECDN for distribution.

“No other software-based solution offers comparable robustness, maturity, and the adaptability that Kollective has,” said Todd Johnson, Kollective President “Our solution was developed through a concerted effort of global engineers, perfected through an extended period of optimization, and-tested on some of the world’s most challenging network environments. The outcome is that video and audio can be seamlessly delivered to thousands of employees in a cost effective and scalable way.”

Kollective Konnector is available now.  To contact Kollective please visit To learn more please watch our video or visit


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