Control and Adapt Mechanisms Drive Successful Video Delivery Within Global Enterprise Networks

After 15 years of experience delivering video and other large-file content to over 3.5 million users on every continent, we have learned this to be true: no widely-dispersed enterprise network is exactly like any other and therefore enterprise content delivery technology that is unable to adapt within these different and changing environments will not survive to serve its purpose.


This white paper examines how the control and adapt mechanisms of a software-defined enterprise content delivery network (SD ECDN) set this technology apart from other content delivery solutions.

Download your copy today and get specifics on:

  • Locality settings
  • Use case optimization
  • Peering rules
  • Topology awareness
  • Throttling sub-system
  • Network readiness testing
  • And more …

Video Testimonial: Schneider Electric

From a support perspective, Kollective has been the greatest company to work with, ever. I’ve never met or worked with another team that is as responsive, as helpful and as dedicated to their work and their customers.”

Ana Man,
IT Digital Events Manager

Schneider Electric white logo

Video Testimonial: AptarGroup

Jeff McAffrey, VoIP and Digital Strategist at AptarGroup

In this short video Jeff McAffrey explains:

  • How AptarGroup embraced its employees’ desire for more collaboration and visual communication with management
  • The challenge of finding a “YouTube” solution that would fit within their IT environment
  • Benefits of Kollective’s trial process
  • The company’s end solution

Video Testimonial: Coty

Don Reifsnyder, Solutions Designer at Coty

Don Reifsnyder sat down to tell us about his experience with Kollective and Kollective’s solutions, including:

  • Why Coty needed a video / large-file content delivery solution
  • What the Kollective network readiness test demonstrated to Coty’s IT group
  • How the Kollective SD ECDN and MediaCenter solutions have been a “win-win” for the business as well as its employees

Video Testimonial: PPG Industries

Dan Connelly, IT Infrastructure Manager at PPG Industries in Pittsburgh

In this short video Dan Connelly discusses:

  • Why PPG could no longer stop video consumption within their organization
  • What ultimately drove PPG to look for a reliable video delivery solution
  • The “wildly successful” event that convinced PPG to invest further in video
  • PPG’s realizations since they began using Kollective

Case Study | Schneider Electric

Kollective Helps Schneider Transform Company Culture Using Live Video

Schneider Electricity logo with a Birdseye view of a city in the background

Since 2015, Schneider Electric has produced an annual Leadership Forum event, an innovative live video experience broadcast worldwide and designed to communicate company strategy directly to all employees.

“By moving to a digital forum, we have been able to bring the management team and our employees closer together and eliminate weeks of seemingly unproductive time spent distilling our corporate strategy and messaging across the company. We have now made this communication format the default solution for large-scale communication with our employees.”

– Torsten Raak, SVP of Experience Marketing at Schneider Electric


Before 2015, Schneider’s annual Leadership Forum was restricted to the top executives, all of whom would fly out to the same location to meet in person and gather information to share with their direct reports at a later date. Not only was this a costly affair, but an exclusive one that left a large portion of the intended audience out of the first line of communication. Schneider needed a better way to communicate to, and engage with, the entire workforce at the same time.


Kollective’s SD ECDN was used to stream the highest quality live video to all Schneider’s employees without impacting their network; Network Readiness Test was used to assess network impact and performance prior to the event; and MediaCenter was used as the portal through which employees experienced the live event.


The 2015 event represented a major paradigm shift in how the company approached employee communications and engagement. Multiple business and IT benefits have been realized as a result. The company set out to improve communications and cut costs, but what really happened was so much more.

Read the case study to learn more.


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