The Human Resources Department plays a huge role in the overall development of a company. By establishing or changing the corporation’s culture, introducing or re-introducing the company identity to every employee, managing big and small changes and most importantly, engaging and uniting the entire workforce, the HR department can greatly improve a business.

Business people gathered round one table discussing something

To successfully carry out all of the necessary functions, there is a key component that must never be overlooked – effective communication. In a diverse workforce, it is not uncommon to see different generations with varying communication preferences – face-to-face, print, audio and most recently, video.

Companies in recent years have embraced digitalization and globalization within the workplace. No longer are employees seated at their desks all day, as they can now work from anywhere and everywhere, across multiple devices to maximize their productivity. To quote Paul Allsop, “…it is working within guidelines (of the task) but without boundaries (of how you achieve it).”

As one of the biggest mediums that HRs can utilize to achieve overall effective communication within the company, online video platforms such as Kollective’s Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) allow HR functions to be accomplished efficiently and productively.

Here’s how HR can benefit from Online Video Platforms:

Reach out to Millennials Effortlessly

Millennials are those born between 1980 and 2000. According to PWC, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. As they become increasingly important in the workplace, business leaders are developing newer ways to bridge the gap between themselves and the millennials. This is the generation that grew up with advanced computers and phones in the palm of their hands, so the easiest way for HR to reach out to them is through technology and video.

The Kollective EVP advantage: to appeal to the millennials our EVP is user-friendly, allowing employees to share, rate and comment on the videos produced by HR. It is also customizable to suit company and employee intercommunication needs. Boasting a fast and reliable video delivery service, our EVP enables users to stream high quality video at all times.

Provide Access to all Employees

The distributed workforce is ever growing – this is when employees work from an assortment of locations outside of the traditional office including homes, airports and coffee shops. The challenge is to deliver important content to these remote employees; with the use of online video platforms, it will be as though they are right there in the same building.

The Kollective EVP advantage: our platform is completely cloud-based. HR videos, webcasts or live online events can reach thousands of employees instantaneously, regardless of where they are. Our highly powerful EVP allows users to stream high-quality video content even when the system is overloaded.

Easier On-Boarding and Training

Words are abstract, making them a little difficult for the brain to retain – this is why emails and memos can make an employee feel disconnected. Visuals, on the other hand, are much easier to remember as they are concrete. Video has the ability to engage several senses at once, which is why it is the perfect tool for teaching and training. With tools such as video on-demand and webcasting, the dissemination of information is made even faster and more interactive.

The Kollective EVP advantage: our MediaCenter is “The YouTube for the Enterprise” solution that offers valuable features and functions. Brand-able and customizable, businesses have the ability to emphasize their identity by uploading their unique banners and company branding. HR officers can share important content for training and teaching, while employees can share and comment on their videos. Also, for a more immersive experience, social media integrations are included in the system.

Conveniently Quantifiable

Video is just as measurable as any other medium. Human Resource representatives can track metrics such as clicks, views and comments. Data such as this provides pertinent information as to whether employees are truly engaged or not.

The Kollective EVP advantage: our EVP has a component called Kollective Analytics that is rich in numerous reporting options – it reports data from content consumption to delivery. With a flexible interface that lets the client gather real-time information this assures complete and current views of system activity.

Human Resource officers and personnel align the company in ways executives simply cannot. This vital role of unifying the entire workforce can be accomplished with the use of video as the communication medium. As the world becomes ever more digital video is the best way to engage with employees. Kollective’s Enterprise Video Platform enables you to maximize the power of video to structure a stronger and even more connected company-employee relationship.