Several multi-national enterprises with international workforces deal with various corporate network challenges. Since the number of IP-based corporate functions increases, the demand for a reliable and effective enterprise video content management also increases.

Instead of having expensive devices and network upgrades, you can easily handle these corporate network challenges using software called Kollective SD ECDN.

What is Kollective SD ECDN?

The Kollective Software-Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (Kollective SD ECDN) is composed of a software agent and a collection of cloud-hosted control and main servers. These will be installed in employee devices. Kollective SD ECDN arranges both the network infrastructure and the devices of employees for a secure, flexible and effective content delivery system.

This content delivery system ensures that more than 90% of the content will be delivered through organised local traffic. The elements of Kollective SD ECDN work together, allowing the system to adapt to network variations.

Why Choose Kollective SD ECDN?

The Kollective SD ECDN is powered by Kollective Technology Inc. It is the top cloud-based software company that maximises the abilities of a software-defined network. Aside from coming from a reliable company, the Kollective SD ECDN also has the following beneficial characteristics:

  • It is cost-effective.

Kollective SD ECDN does not require costly installation of additional servers, hardware and devices. This software does not require maintenance and upgrades. Hence, the business can save on capital and operational costs.

  • It has minimal deployment.

Kollective SD ECDN requires minimal deployment. The small client agent software will be installed throughout the enterprise, usually by means of a desktop-management system. You can finish the process of deployment and installation within a few days or weeks, allowing you to quickly start the content delivery process.

  • It is self-scaling.

Since it is created for large corporate networks, the Kollective SD ECDN focuses on the scalability of the network. This means that when the number of users who want to access the content increases, the resources available for delivering the content also increases.

  • It can quickly adapt to network and traffic changes.

Aside from the fact that the elements of Kollective SD ECDN can quickly adapt to the network and traffic changes, it also has a self-healing feature. Once a node encounters a problem, the other nodes will automatically take over.

These are just some of the many benefits that Kollective SD ECDN can provide. Visit our website or contact us on +44 (0) 800 242 5602 to learn more.