You Can Be Confident

“It’s 30 seconds before your all-hands meeting. Your CEO is about to step in front of a camera for your first video broadcast to over 20,000 employees. Nobody knows for sure if it’s going to work.”

It’s amazing how many companies have to rely on a “best guess” to know if an application is going to work at scale. Sure, you can get 20 IT people in different offices to test it in advance, but how do you simulate 20,000 employees? The Kollective Network Readiness Test was purposely built to solve this challenge.

Ensure Your Live Video Streaming with Network Readiness

  • Your Kollective team will work with you to create a test that replicates the audience size, time and video specs of your live video stream.
  • The Network Readiness Test will stream a video in the background to the audience you specify.
  • With our detailed reports, our team will pinpoint offices or users that could experience problems in an actual live video stream event, and work with IT to resolve the issues.

Features and Benefits

Testing at Scale

  • Our customers routinely run tests ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 simultaneous users with no significant network or user impacts.

Detailed Data from Network Testing

  • Which users buffered and for how long
  • Filter by location, experience type, time and many other criteria
  • Automatically request detailed logs from specific users to help pinpoint issues

Save Time

  • Typical scale network testing involves getting volunteers to click a link and watch a video for 20 minutes. This can waste thousands of hours and still doesn’t get you true scale and network readiness.
  • The Kollective Network Readiness Test requires a single resource on the customer side for no more than one hour per test. That’s it.

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