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Why Go Software Defined?

Benefits of a Software Defined (SDN) Approach

  • Strong ROI, by replacing expensive hardware with commodity hardware.
  • Software defined means faster deployment. The system can be deployed in as little as one week (typically 3-4 weeks) covering all employees and all locations.
  • More flexibility and agility post-deployment. For example changes can be made for example in an ECDN configuration to support a specific live event, then changed back when the event is over.
  • Growth, with a SD approach, new features and tools can easily be  added incrementally over time.

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Software Defined ECDN

Kollective’s breakthrough Enterprise Content Delivery Network is pure cloud and software. There are no servers to setup, no devices to deploy and no ongoing maintenance and hardware headaches. You can start doing live video streaming or other content delivery within weeks

Only with Kollective software defined approach can you reach every device at the edge of your network. Every employee and every device can now participate in live streaming. Software patches can be deployed to every device within minutes, whether they are on your network or at home. If you’re not reaching 100% today, wouldn’t you want to tomorrow?

The Enterprise Network Challenge

Traditional CDN 10 Mbps SINGLE OFFICE

Traditional CDN

10 viewers 10 Mbps
100 viewers 100 Mbps
1,000 viewers 1,000 Mbps

Customers Must Choose Between
  • Constant buffering or impacting critical apps
  • Massive network upgrades or spending millions to deploy hardware

A New Breed of Adaptive Bitrate

Quality: 1Mbps

Quality is adjusted based on available bandwidth, leading to a more reliable streaming experience.

Quality: 500Kbps

As more viewers join the stream, they compete over available bandwidth. Quality drops.

Quality: 250Kbps

And drops…


Until the video stops for everyone. The more important the message is, the more likely viewers won’t see it.
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The Network Readiness Test Has Arrived

From live video broadcast to massive file distribution, stop guessing whether your plans will work when the moment comes. With Kollective's Software Defined Network and Network Readiness Test, you can see how events and applications will work at the actual node level by testing in the background without impacting users or your network.

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Kollective ECDN Continues Strong Momentum

Kollective announces two new IT solutions, expands in Asia and sees record growth.

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Your Network Just Got Smarter

With Kollective's software defined enterprise content delivery network, you can eliminate up to 90% of video and other massive data from your network choke points with no new hardware.

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Ultimate in Flexibility, Unlimited in Scale

Kollective unlocks the power of Software Defined Networking by utilizing your existing infrastructure. No more application-specific hardware purchases. With the Kollective Controller, you specify how your network will behave, then leverage power of the smart grid to self-optimize.

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Most enterprise networks are not designed to handle video and large file delivery at scale.

Upgrading your network to accommodate this data doesn’t have to cost millions and take years.

We Have A Solution

How SD ECDN Works

This whitepaper explains how Kollective technology works to solve your enterprise video and large file delivery challenges.


The Next Generation

This White Paper will Prepare Your Enterprise Network for the YouTube Generation.


Network Readiness Test

Ensure 100% confidence in your live video streaming with the Kollective Network Readiness Test.

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Software Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network