When it comes to live event analytics, today’s video conferencing platforms provide high-level metrics including how many viewers tuned in and where they were located, but often this data lacks context and isn’t actionable. Kollective IQ analytics is here to bridge the gap. In addition to offering helpful features like progressive disclosure and the ability to ship data to anyone, anywhere, we also make it easy to create custom metrics, dashboards and visualizations.

Reporting Made Easy

Whether you work in media, communications or IT, it’s likely you’ve been asked to report on metrics that aren’t readily available in standard video reporting dashboards. Because Kollective IQ gives you access to all data collected by our enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) and integration with the front-end system, you can mine, explore and curate the information most important to your role.

For example, if the CTO wants a monthly report on bandwidth savings in your Asia Pacific offices, you can set the necessary parameters in Kollective IQ, save the dashboard and then schedule it to auto-send to the CTO on the first Monday of every month. It’s that simple.

Try Kollective IQ for Microsoft 365 Live Events

Are you using Microsoft Teams, Stream or Yammer to deliver live video to your distributed workforce? Gain deeper insights into event performance and employee engagement with Kollective IQ for Microsoft 365 Live Events. Try it today for 90 days. It’s free and our ECDN is included for the first 30 days so you can establish baseline network capacity while planning for employees to return to the office.