Data is the most valuable currency in today’s modern workplace, but if it isn’t actionable, it isn’t worth much. At Kollective, we understand that if you want to make the smartest, most informed decisions about your enterprise video strategy or network performance, you need data designed for the way you work. That’s why we created the Kollective IQ analytics and intelligence platform with role-specific workflows enhanced by progressive disclosure.

Progressive disclosure is a term coined by user experience (UX) experts to describe the techniques and design patterns that simplify how an individual interacts with a user interface (UI). Here’s how it works in Kollective IQ.

How Progressive Disclosure Works in Kollective IQ

When you first sign into the platform, we give you a 30,000-foot view of how your live events or enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) are performing. These high-level insights include overall quality of experience (QoE), geographic consumption, reach, bandwidth savings and peering efficiency.

From there, you can drop down into the 10,000-foot view. At this vantage you can start analyzing trends for specific data sets and visualize how performance has changed over time.

Want more granular insights? No problem. Kollective IQ can provide insights all the way at the ground level with a single event, user and/or location. All the data collected by Kollective IQ is available for you to mine and explore. Whether you want to want to dig into employee engagement insights from the latest CEO Town Hall or if you need to know how content traversed the network in a remote office location, Kollective IQ makes it easy to do so.

Try Kollective IQ Analytics for Microsoft 365 Live Events for 90 Days

Are you using Microsoft Teams, Stream or Yammer to deliver live video to your distributed workforce? Regardless of where your employees are working, you can gain deeper insights into event performance and employee engagement with Kollective IQ for Microsoft 365 Live Events.

Try it today for 90 days. It’s free to sign-up and our ECDN is included for the first 30 days so you can establish baseline network capacity while planning for employees to return to the office.