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Kollective IQ

See How The Most Powerful ECDN Analytics & Intelligence Platform Can Help Your Global Enterprise

Network Data and Event Insights You Can Act On

Kollective IQ is the enterprise-ready analytics and intelligence platform designed for the way you work. Whether your focus is network administration, SCCM management, corporate communications or video production, Kollective IQ empowers you with the smartest insights from your enterprise content delivery network (ECDN).

Persona-Based Workflows

Kollective IQ is designed with intuitive event and network user flows that make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly. Everything you need to make smart, immediate decisions is at your fingertips – and it updates in real time.

Intuitive Data Exploration

Other analytics and intelligence platforms limit what data you have access to – Kollective IQ doesn’t. All data collected by the system and end users is yours to mine and explore. Dig deep into event insights or use localities to analyze network performance before your next big software deployment.

Custom Visualizations & Dashboards

In addition to standard workflows, Kollective IQ lets you to choose which data sets to highlight. Create the custom dashboards, metrics and visualizations that align with your business goals and then save them to come back to again and again.

Ship Your Data Anywhere, Anytime

Kollective IQ makes it easy to ship data when and where you need it. Easily automate your data imports with simple data export tools and database integrations, connecting Kollective IQ to the leading business intelligence platforms on the market.

We Often Get Asked

Yes. Kollective IQ integrates with Webhook and Amazon S3, both of which can be connected to Power BI for automatic data importing.
Yes. Kollective offers organizations the ability to report on – and control peering in – specific office locations, including those separated by an internal IP.
Yes. Kollective IQ is included with every trial. Sign up here.

Real-Time Alerting

With so many tasks to manage, keeping track of your goals can be difficult. Kollective IQ is here to change that. Our threshold-based alerting lets you know the moment a goal has been achieved. Want to be alerted when an event surpasses 5,000 attendees? Need to know when peering efficiency reaches 90% or more? All you have to do it set the threshold and select how you would like to receive the alert.

Get more insights out of your live events

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