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The internet has changed the way we interact and go about our business on a day-to-day basis.

Online meetings and file sharing are now commonplace via networks and various software packages. Enterprise networks are now being utilized to interconnect different company sites and to share data on a wider scale. The proliferation of social media and mobile devices are pushing traditional networks to their limits. As a result, they are struggling to keep up with the emergence of cloud-based applications, remote offices and video traffic.

Video delivery is the single biggest enterprise challenge. Many call it “the unsolvable problem”.

Kollective Software Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network solves video delivery on a global scale, without the need for new hardware.

How It Works

Kollective Software Defined ECDN solves the biggest enterprise network challenges by creating a software-defined overlay on top of your existing network, without the need for new hardware.

Endpoints become part of an intelligent grid that protects the network, together creating a distributed brain that orchestrates content distribution and traffic routing in real time. Each additional endpoint increases the overall “IQ” of the grid, making it even more adaptive and scalable.

A cloud-based control panel allows for changing parameters and optimizing performance.


Choosing the Optimum Approach, Automatically.

Kollective Software Defined ECDN employs three delivery methods:

Cloud to Endpoint


Endpoint to Endpoint


Endpoint to Multiple Endpoints


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With Kollective Software Defined ECDN you can stream high quality live video to all employees reliably, without impacting the network.

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Kollective Software Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN) enables high quality holistic video communication with global reach that is secure, reliable, and network friendly. …

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