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Unlock a complete view of your content distribution and network performance with Kollective’s analytics solution. Our analytics dashboard lets you quickly gain valuable, enterprise-level insights while giving you the ability to drill down quickly to identify issues in your network through a multitude of dimensions.


We give you analytics for decision making. Get all the data necessary to know how your network and your content are performing so you can make better strategic decisions about the future of your network while optimizing user engagement.


Kollective’s dashboard serves up a simple yet impactful view of your data that is catered to your needs. Do you want to know how many users viewed your live event? We got that. Or maybe you want to know when bandwidth at a specific office gets to a tipping point, our analytics has you covered.

Video & Event Insights

Our video analytics quantifies your video performance, viewing experience and level of user engagement. Get macro-level data about live events and your on-demand video library, or drill down at a user level to identify when content was watched by who.

Network Insights

From the high-level enterprise perspective down to individual branches and user devices, our network analytics can identify potential bottlenecks and tell you how your network is performing at any moment.

Software Deployment

Our software analytics provide peace of mind by confirming delivery of critical software patches and operating system updates. View the status of your software delivery across the entire network or drill down to identify the update status on a specific machine.


Intuitive dashboard

Our summary and detailed dashboards provide access to layers of real-time and historical data so you can quickly understand content and network performance.

Get more with Analytics Pro

In addition to our standard analytics dashboards, you can add our Analytics Pro package for access to all data captured in our database. This allows you to create custom reports and dashboards or push data to your other analytics platforms like Power BI or Tableau.

Data visualization

Our robust set of visualizations and reports let you see your data in a new way, helping you spot trends, unlock insights and drive action.

Network and user insights

Our network dashboards show how your content and network are performing as a whole. Additionally, you can drill into the performance of specific videos, the viewing history for specific users or the software packages delivered to individual devices.

Access to our expertise

We provide ongoing analytics support and training materials to help you get the most out of the tool. Our client success team is also available to provide support over the phone, via WebEx, or at on-site events.

Data on demand

Set up automated report deliveries in the format that works best for you, including PDF, Excel, CSV, and JSON.

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